Elder and Sister Bednar Share Their Best Piece of Marriage Advice (+ Tips for Finding a Spouse)

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Elder and Sister Bednar shared their biggest piece of marriage advice, what first attracted them to each ot...


LDS Family Builds, Drives New Home 1,600+ Miles to Family in Need

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After building a brand new home and driving it 1,600 miles across the country to help out a family in need,...


LDS Church Leaders Mourn for LGBT Mormons Lost to Suicide

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The LDS Church responded Thursday to an unverified report about suicide deaths among Mormon LGBT people. "W...


Huff Post Features LDS Wife: 7 Things My Divorce Taught Me About Marriage

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This is something everyone should read. I love these thoughts: "Y ou will find that each day, as the variab...


When a Child Leaves the Church

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Weeks had passed since my adult daughter had moved to a new city, and each Sunday that she missed church br...


What I Learned from My Sister & Others Who Wouldn't Be Conquered by Cancer

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"So what did I learn from my brilliant, warrior of a sister . . . ? That we are not alone. That God is at t...


Testimony of a Saint with Down Syndrome: "I'm Thankful Jesus Loved Me Enough to Give Me a Body with Down Syndrome"

by Meridian Magazine | January 16, 2016 | Mormon Life

This is a Sacrament talk given by Lara West, a member with Down Syndrom who she shared many deep and person...


Paris, Rome & Bangkok: Updates on 29 Mormon Temples in Progress

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From Jan. 15 through March 5, thousands of people will tour the Provo City Center Temple, The Church of Jes...


Teachings of Howard W. Hunter Lesson 1: "Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy"

by Kelly Merrill | January 8, 2016

This lesson directly challenges our mind set about how we think of Christ. We need to think about how we re...


How to Love People Who Are Hard to Love

by She Traveled | January 7, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

We've been commanded to love others, but not everyone is easy to love. Here's what you can do to have more ...