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"Pinterest Plot" - Pretty Darn Funny Season 2 - Ep. 2

August 26, 2013

Who hasn't fallen victim to seeking "Pinterest perfection"?

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lolita said...

09:08 AM
on Aug 27, 2013

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I wanted to do the melted crayons on canvas as a teacher the idea from Pinterest. One of the suggestions for melting the crayons was to put the canvas inside a hot car for a few minutes to soften the crayons. I put the canvas with the glued on crayons up behind the back seat, under the back window. That was when my ADD kicked in. I forgot about it and the crayons melted in the sweltering heat of the Ford Focus and ran down onto the fuzzy cloth behind the headrests. Now, it looks like I have a rainbow "tramp stamp" inside the back window of the car. Pinterest is not good for people with ADD!

elizabeth0314 said...

10:50 AM
on Aug 27, 2013

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Where do I begin? I have so many Pinterest fails to share. But they make it all look so easy! Surely I can do it too! One of these days I will accept the fact that I just don't have the touch, but for now I'm pretty sure it's all based on your photography skills. (As highlighted in your video...loved that!). It's only my camera that keeps failing, not me! Thank you for making me smile today. You guys are hilarious!
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