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Elders Will Be Sisters Parody

July 31, 2013
source: YouTube

MR says: In good fun and good humor, the Los Angeles YSA 1st ward has reversed the roles of Elders Quorum and Relief Society. Hilarious. (We think this is the same group that put together the classic "Tom Cruise on Home Teaching.")

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elarue said...

10:32 PM
on Aug 02, 2013

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Isn't this similar to what they did in The R.M. when they made fun of the differences between Relief Society meetings and Elders' Quorum meetings? ;-)

momlopez said...

10:13 PM
on Aug 05, 2013

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Totally funny!

nstateoka said...

04:59 PM
on Aug 09, 2013

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Benjamin, Here's some "ideas" to improve your Sunday Elders Quorum lessons.... Have a great weekend! Love, Mom P.S. How did your week go being Linda and Benjamin at work?

railwayman77 said...

10:22 PM
on Feb 12, 2014

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I had to laugh .... so witty!
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