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The Atlantic: Mitt Romney's case for getting married young

May 03, 2013
source: The Atlantic

MR says: Interesting that this school of thought is counterculture right now. The article sums up Romney's concept in one way: "Marriage is an institution worth building life on, not something to enter into once you're already established in life." (Video of his address at the full article.)

Mitt Romney delivered the commencement address at Southern Virginia University this past weekend, his second public speech since he lost the 2012 presidential election. His speech was inspired by a story from Luke's gospel, when Jesus calls his first disciples, a group of lowly fishermen. "Launch out into the deep," he tells them, "and let down your nets." For Romney, "launch out into the deep" is a metaphor for life: He tells the graduates to be bold, selfless, unafraid of life's challenges.

One way to embrace this philosophy, according to Romney, is to marry young . . .

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