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From 'Book of Mormon' musical to Mormon convert

May 03, 2013
source: Deseret News

Photo from Deseret News.

MR says: Love this! Such a cool story.

It was underneath the lights of Broadway on Sept. 25, 2011, that Boston resident Liza Morong’s life changed forever. She just didn’t know it then.

The 21-year-old musical theater major was sitting in the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City, watching “The Book of Mormon" musical.

Written by the creators of “South Park,” the edgy, irreverent but enormously popular musical is about two Mormon missionaries who try to share the Book of Mormon with the natives of northern Uganda.

“I laughed hysterically the entire show,” Morong said. “I thought, ‘Wow, these people are crazy. They must be brainwashed.’”

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bprothero said...

10:16 PM
on May 04, 2013

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I haven't watched the musical but I have listened to the songs. They are both inspiration and humorous. Some of the humor, while maybe a bit irreverent, is true and even makes me laugh. I am secure enough in my faith that I am able to laugh at myself and some of our odd beliefs compared to mainstream Christianity. I see the play as positive exposure and it has opened conversation with non-LDS friends and work associates who have expressed a sincere interest in Mormonism. So it may not have been intended as a missionary tool, I know many stories were it has lead to baptism. :)

taiwanmom said...

11:33 AM
on May 05, 2013

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1) My 2nd cousin married Merrill. I was able to go to the reception in Charleston ,Utah. So I met the whole family then. 2) When I was on our high school's drill team we had a big invitational march at BYU. As all the teams practiced on the parking lot next to the football stadium, Jay was there and I saw him. I can't remember if Donny was with him also but may have been. That's 102 degrees. 3) One of my good friends became friends with Donny and the whole family when he worked at the Osmond Studio back in the 70's. I guess that's 2 degrees. 4) I worked at Utah Valley Hospital in the late 70's and Donny and Debbie used to come at night and race on the wheel chairs downstairs. I didn't see them myself but many of my co-workers did so that's probably 2 degrees, also. 5) A few years ago, my daughter went to EFY and Donny's son was in her group. She didn't know what his last name was or who his father was until after he'd had to leave early t get to something else. I guess that would be 3 degrees. Isn't it nice how friendly and "accessible" the Osmond family has been through the years? So many of us have met or known them and they are "real" everyday people!

ladyprince said...

05:02 PM
on May 06, 2013

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Donny's son Donald came round for dinner at my house a couple of times whilst he was serving on his mission in the south of England. Donny spoke at a fireside at our Stake Centre and I was able to speak with him briefly. I have also met some of the family at one of the hotels they stayed at in London after seeing one of their performances.

catpope said...

02:53 PM
on May 01, 2015

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She states that she is no longer a member now:
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