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Fab 5: Best Apps for Your Family

Scott Christley - May 02, 2013

Now that games, scriptures and grocery lists can all fit in one device in our pockets, we've tracked down the very best apps to help your kids, your spouse and your whole family get more in synch--and have more fun!

There are tons of great apps out there that can enhance your life—by providing inspiration or entertainment or by helping you live more efficiently. Here are a few of my top recommendations. If you have apps that have changed your life for the better, let us know about them! Email to share how you use them.

107741. For everyone:  LDS Temple Passport App

The app allows you to collect "passport stamps" for temples you've visited, keep track of temple attendance and journal about experiences there, learn cool temple facts, and access temple schedules and directions. Automatically updates as new temples are completed or announced. Available for $1.99.

107752. For Women: Wunderlist

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Awesome list-creating and collaboration app. This app allows you to share lists with others who have the app as well. Sharing meaningful lists with my wife —shopping,  prayers answered, life goals, etc.— has changed our marriage. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

107733. For Men: LDS Quotes

Thousands of quotes organized by topic, author, and source. A new quote delivered daily to share with others. $1.99; $. 99 for add-your-own quotes feature. Available for Apple Devices.

107714. For Teens: Candy Shop Wars

Revolutionary split-screen, two-player game. One of you is the Runner and the other the Candy Maker. Together you try to conquer all the levels in the Candy Factory. Free for the first 3 levels; $1.99 to buy more levels. Available for Apple iPads.

107725. For Kids: Clowning Around

Can be enjoyed by ages 3-103. Use careful strategy to get clowns to drop into cannons or water barrels. Free. Available for Apple and Android devices.

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lawmom4 said...

10:54 AM
on May 02, 2013

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My favorites apps: Chapter Tap LDS Scriptures allows you to set a goal for scripture reading and check off each chapter you read. It also tells you what percentage of the whole book (Book of Mormon, Old Testament, etc) that you have read. Great way to keep track of where you are in the scriptures! For kids: Coloring Book - you can buy lds coloring books for your kids to color on your apple devises. Great way to keep kids quiet in church.

stacers05 said...

02:28 PM
on May 02, 2013

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One of my favorite apps is called “My Gratitude Journal”. You can write one word or paragraphs. I have mine set to remind me to write everyday at 7:30. So everyday it asks me “What am I grateful for”? Usually my posts are short, but I’m glad I take time out every day to find something to be grateful for. You can also attach a photo with your post or tag a location. You can also go back and add days you might miss.
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