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Femininity abroad: How clothing standards clash

May 01, 2013
source: The Digital Universe

Photo from The Daily Universe.

MR says: FASCINATING article on differing standards of modesty across countries, and what happens when differing modesty isn't observed.

Knee-length skirts. No revealing attire. English major Ashley Brocious thought she dressed modestly, but she didn’t plan on spending hours at the “DI” searching for a modest wardrobe for her semester at the Jerusalem Center.

“My mom always laughed because she said, ‘We think we’re so modest, and you had to buy a whole new wardrobe to go to Jerusalem,’” Brocious said with a laugh. “None of my knee-length skirts worked there.”

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rinman said...

11:27 PM
on May 03, 2013

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Women wearing knee-length shorts and tee shirts are hardly modest, and certainly not attractive. Women overseas tend to dress much more conservatively and more beautifully than a lot of LDS women in the US. When we teach modesty in the US, we are really teaching American cultural norms, not modesty.

justlooking said...

04:11 AM
on May 06, 2013

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oh my goodness.....i am 72 yrs and wear leggings..i have been a member 50yrs.served in Temple presidency with my husband....he has been a patriarch.....does wearing leggings make me immodest.....i wear very modest clothing with my leggings in the winter...they are fashionable... how can anyone say the opposite when worn with a knee length it any different to wearing opaque stockings.....we need to stop judging ....start looking at the heart.......look for something positive and good in your life as you want...teach correct principles and they govern themselves....there are so many ways to teach others in a Christ todays world and what is challenging our youth dont you think that this is so trivial....we are here to learn to govern ourselves in a righteous manner.....stop worrying about what others are least they are comming to church.....i have some inactive grandchildren ......and i would be overwhelmed and sooooooo overjoyed with see them at church.....whatever they were wearing....its about saving souls.....if the intent of a person is wearing leggings with a short modest.. then that is their problem ....stop being so concerned you will end up with the story about a tatooed mormon...will we judge her.....what a wonderful person she is..i have found in my experience....usually these young people or older it out down the track....just love them and DO NOT JUDGE...set the best example that is what matters most the world is full of diverse people....they have their own personalities....i see some young mothers wear very tight clothing ...and they give such christ like lessons in RS....they are so caring they do their visit teaching and there most every Sundays....i say to myself they are growing up in the gospel...still learning
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