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Split emerges among Mormon scholars

April 19, 2013
source: Salt Lake Tribune

Image from Salt Lake Tribune.

MR says: Most LDS scholars used to approach Mormon Studies from mainly the "apologetic" stance (meaning, defense of the religion). Now the study is so vast that others are taking into account religious comparison, Church history, etc.

As the field of Mormon studies has expanded and moved into the academic mainstream, LDS scholars are divided about which path to take into the future: Explore a broader, more complex swath of history and belief, or remain focused on defending the faith’s unique scripture? Write as neutral analysts or as well-versed believers?

A year after the two sides publicly parted company over the direction of the Mormon Studies Review, each group has launched its own writings, with separate boards of editors and mission statements.

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skipquick said...

09:15 AM
on Apr 20, 2013

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I believe that we Have a Living Prophet at the head of the Church. His direction is where we shall go. These scholars, Intellectuals and academic's are the real problems. Heavenly Father has plotted a Course for his Church and we will follow him. What is the Agenda of these Intellectuals' ?

neilan said...

12:46 AM
on Apr 21, 2013

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The Church may have problems over this decision as its already set a precedent by allowing 'gay' men to serve in the Church and hold the Priesthood. I always believed that after a person repents they no longer identify with the sin. All men and women are carnal sensual and devilish until they repent and follow the enticings of the Holy Ghost. They then label themselves as a Saint, not as a deviant. Making one particular sin or deviancy a 'special interest' group is a dangerous precedent to set.

elarue said...

08:40 AM
on Apr 23, 2013

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@skipquick - why are the academics the problems? Are they saying or doing anything that is contrary to the direction of the prophet? Are you basing this on anything other than the fact that they happen to be academics? That attitude seems to be more appropriate to Rick Santorum than to honest seekers of truth.

mozart1940 said...

07:29 AM
on Apr 24, 2013

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We should be very thankful for our faithful academics. In this age of instant access to information, our young people are being exposed to things (true or untrue) that they have never heard of before. We have pretended that they didn't exist. People are leaving the Church and their faith because they read of Joseph Smith's polyandry or something Brigham Young said, or that there was or is disagreement in the quorums of the Church. We have the true Church of Jesus Christ but our leaders, past and present, are human beings with passions (remember Peter and his sword) and frailties (Church leaders believing the Hoffman forgeries). Thanks to our academics and intellectuals, these things are now being discussed (and published) in real terms than we can understand. A Rough Stone, Rolling by Richard Bushman is a great example.

uncle said...

10:17 AM
on May 03, 2013

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Anything can be dissected, and analyzed to death. Anything at all. Every good thing in the world happened because of faith and belief. I jouned the church 25 years ago because I learned that. Sitting on the fence, analyzing everything, leads nowhere. The United States exists, and the Church exists because doubts and concerns were pushed aside and faithful believing people soldiered on. Most of the people in a football stadium are just watching the game, only a few put themselves on the line, a dedicated few...
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