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Dave Says: Lost Job, Might Move

Dave Ramsey - March 13, 2012


I have two job offers with varying pros and cons, including one with a move. What do you think?

Dear Dave,

The job I have currently is about to be phased out, and I’m looking at two other offers. The pay for both is the same. One is short-term, nine months to a year, and it has a per diem so I wouldn’t have to move. The other job would last much longer, but I’d have to move and that would throw me about $3,500 further into debt. This company acts like it doesn’t want to help with the moving expenses, but I think I’d like the job better. What do you think I should do?


Dear Michael,

I’d move. And I’d also try to negotiate the heck out of this company and get them to foot some of the bill for the move.

If you’re valuable enough, and they like you enough to want you on their team, then I’d use that as a negotiating point before accepting the position. Tell them that you really want the job and you’re excited about it, but the only thing holding you back is $3,500 in moving costs.

You never know until you ask. And at that point they may see the wisdom of kicking in some cash to make it easier for you to decide!


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xrayblue said...

08:49 AM
on Mar 13, 2012

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Dave, I am 71 and have had to do this. I am 72 years old. My son recently asked me the same question. His choice was move to California for3x money and a paid move, or to North carolina for alot less and no move reimbursement but a job he liked better. My advice is pray about it, and go with your heart. He took the job he liked in North Carolina, it lasted 2 years, but he found being a big city family they really liked what North Carolina offered and he had no problem finding a new job. One day of unemployment.Its you doing the job and not your family. You have to be happy and be fulfilled. Your family will adjust. Maybe you can negotiate with the far away company for the deposits (light water, etc) at the new place. Remember the Lord is always with you, he will always provide for you and your family. Sometimes you have to take blind leaps of faith, and he is there to embrace you as you land. Follow your heart.
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