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BYU Professor makes controversial statements about Blacks & LDS Church

February 29, 2012
source: ABC 4 News

Comments made by a BYU Theology professor opening up old wounds about the LDS church’s policy on African Americans and priesthood.

It was June 9th, 1978 when LDS President Spencer Kimball announced the church was opening its priesthood ranks to all worthy men. Some 30 years later the question why the church denied African Americans priesthood once again taking center stage because a Mormon is running for President.

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pen1954 said...

09:09 AM
on Mar 01, 2012

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Everytime someone make a comment like this we just keep holding ourselfs back especially, when we still have knowledgable knuckle heads in the church who are suppose to know better making comments like this. How does a person like this get into a position of learning and trust for so many people and then show his true colors? It just goes to show you, old tricks are hard to break for some people and for those who actually believe this stuff. Don't we have enough dirty laundry to air to the world and still have to put up with this garbage? Are we really that proud of people? It makes me wonder and is very scary.....!
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