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A new generation redefines Mormon cuisine

January 25, 2012
source: The New York Times

Photo from New York Times.

MR says: There's definitely more to Mormons than Jell-O and casseroles (coming from LDS Living, who just held a casserole recipe contest-haha!).

JUSTIN SOELBERG, the chef at Communal restaurant in Provo, Utah, has heard all the jokes about Mormon food. “People think it’s just casseroles and Jell-O all the time,” said Mr. Soelberg, 30, who grew up Mormon in Idaho and graduated from the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan.

“The basic dinner was meat in cream-of-something soup on mashed something,” said Kate Jones, 31, a food blogger who grew up in Utah and now lives in Louisiana.

Even in Park City, where the Sundance Film Festival began last week, Mr. Soelberg acknowledged, “No one comes to Utah for the food.”

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