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Mormon practices applauded

November 11, 2011
source: Newnan Times-Herald


MR says: This letter to the editor comes from a woman who is not LDS but has a lot of good things to say about members.

In response to the letter "Mormonism and Christianity," I thought the freedom to practice our beliefs was one of the major reasons we are here in the United States. Isn't that one of the main reasons our soldiers are fighting -- to keep that right and freedom for us?

If not, someone needs to explain to some families why their father, brother, mother, sister, son or daughter dies for no reason.

The Mormons, excuse me, Latter Day Saints, believe in keeping and teaching their children to stay pure and a virgin until they wed.

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maryp said...

10:42 AM
on Nov 12, 2011

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What an open-minded person! It's refreshing to hear such level-headed opionions from a person today. This sweet, simple letter should be included with every article about Mitt Romney or every article dissing Mormons.

dottie said...

02:44 PM
on Nov 19, 2011

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Great letter from an obvious thinking young person. This is the kind of people we need in our world today. Thank you for your openness and for stating FACTS instead of rumors.

ixcommandments said...

09:03 PM
on Nov 22, 2011

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While many of the things that this person writes are entirely accurate, one thing that is not accurate is that Mormons enjoy the "lowest divorce rate." I wish I could say that is true. In fact, the opposite is true. Sadly, LDS members have a 50% divorce rate, a rate that is equal to or exceeds the national average. While the Church does an extremely great job of trying to help the family, it falls quite short in its attempts to lower the divorce rates amongst its members, whether they are married in the Temple or not. The Church has the ability to instruct its members that divorce should be the course of last resort, and anything less than trying to maintain a marriage (especially one with children) is sinful, plain and simple. The Church could definitely take a page from our Catholic brethren regarding divorce and importance of marriage. Currently, with such high LDS divorce numbers, it appears that the Church tolerates this type of conduct. In 1993, the LDS divorce rate for those married in the Temple was only 13%. That percentage has skyrocketed during the last 20 yrs. In fact, most LDS therapists would agree that the level of LDS divorces are consistent with the national average. Divorce is the achilles heel of the LDS church.
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