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Mormon Missionary look becoming hot Halloween costume

October 20, 2011
source: ABC 4 News

MR says: What do you think? Cool or disrespectful?

This Halloween a lot of people will be dressing up as Mormons. In fact, being a Mormon missionary for Halloween made Time magazine's top ten topical costume list. The magazine says its a great way to tap into the 2011 Mormon phenomenon. Plus, the editors say its easy to do. The magazine even provides a checklist: White shirt, Necktie, Name tag, Book of Mormon, Slacks and Bike helmet (which is optional).

However, not everyone likes the idea of a missionary costume. Sue Perdue said, "It would be like dressing up as a Muslim - I think it would be in bad taste."

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karenchallis said...

11:07 AM
on Oct 21, 2011

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About 30 years ago when our sons were age 10 & 8 Hallowe'en fell on a Sunday. They dressed up as LDS missionaries & tracted out our new neighbourhood on Saturday evening. Their sabbath keeping door approach was well received. They returned home all smiles having won new friends for us & for the church & a generous haul of treats. About a decade later they both eagerly accepted foreign mission calls.

jimbo said...

07:20 AM
on Oct 22, 2011

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Not to be mean, but Sue Perdue needs to lighten up. How is dressing up as a missionary in any way in bad taste? If someone is doing so even in poking fun, I say that imitation is flattery. When I was on my mission, Ed Decker and his cronies in apostasy were churning out the God makers films. Churches all around Spokane were showing them almost every night. Guess what? we loved it. Our discussions and amount of Book of Mormons skyrocketed, as did invitations to pray with people and other such activity. WHY? Because people wanted to see the truth and see if we were as weird as the excommunicated servant of Satan said we were. We were able to cast the light of truth to the darkness/

richchipper said...

08:25 PM
on Oct 31, 2011

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Seriously, people are offended by that?!?!? So do you dress up as yourself for Halloween? Any costume you pick will offend someone. BYU basketball fans will remember SDSU dressing up as missionaries during a nationally televised game - I thought it was awesome!!! Every time they showed the crowd, the broadcasters would comment about it.
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