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LDS Church takes public stance on immigration legislation

March 16, 2011
source: Salt Lake Tribune

Photo from Salt Lake Tribune.
The LDS Church stepped from the sidelines on immigration reform and squarely onto the playing field Tuesday by sending Presiding Bishop H. David Burton to attend and speak at Gov. Gary Herbert’s signing ceremony for four bills passed by the Utah Legislature.

“Our presence here testifies to the fact that we are appreciative of what has happened in the Legislature this session,” Burton said at the signing, indicating it was no accident or private decision. “We feel the Legislature has done an incredible job on a very complex issue.”

Burton, who oversees the Utah-based church’s financial affairs, joined key legislators, business leaders, activists and religious figures such as Utah Episcopal Bishop Scott Hayashi and homeless advocate Pamela Atkinson in the Capitol’s Gold Room for the signing.

Burton’s presence was an extraordinarily public endorsement for the LDS Church, which typically prefers to work in the background. And it has supporters and critics from within the faith scrambling to know how to react.

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nmcgo said...

05:23 PM
on Mar 17, 2011

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We must heard from our Prophet (apeaking as our PROPHET) on this very important subject. Until then it is not binding. It is an opinion.

wilson-kelly said...

11:22 PM
on Mar 17, 2011

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Well, here comes the weeding out! I am sorry people come here illegally. However, I haven't made the choice for them. I am guilt free. I am only guilty of trying to protect MY country and MY heritage. Maybe there is a chance that new laws will be upheld better than the old ones. hmmm..... Probably not.

chuck said...

08:49 AM
on Mar 18, 2011

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The Church obviously did the right thing here. A huge number of these folks are joining the Church here in the US, and who says the Lord did not direct them here for this purpose? I applaud the Church for its continuing tradition of tolerance, love and equality. Broken immigration laws do not mean broken people.

heemerbuckandthebears said...

12:01 PM
on Mar 18, 2011

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Chuck, That's a great way to start your membership in the Church with a second degree felony. Also, What do we do about the Articles of Faith? Wink,Nod, Whisper.

mom2mckjkljs said...

07:27 AM
on Mar 23, 2011

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The problem with the whole immigration issue, is that it is really two seperate issues that are being muddled together. If there was not the 'cradle to grave' welfare state in this country, we would not have to worry about immigration as much. We could have a much simpler, easier, and humane process. Those that wanted to come, to work and provide better for their family would be welcome too. If they cant make it, they would go back home. If they can make it, they would be on the books legally, paying taxes, and contributing to society. We would then be able to 'crack down' on 'illegals' as they only people that would be 'sneaking in' would be those who did not have honorable intentions. The reason that we have this quandry is because of the welfare state. If we got rid of that, and turned it back over to private institutions and local governments, this issue could be cleared up very quickly.

jadeav said...

03:22 PM
on Mar 24, 2011

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Whole immigration that pisses me off!! Churches don't provide these free foods etc to those who immigrated,because they BROKE the RULES!!! They are taking an advantage of the america's money,food and more...including the LDS churches!! Yes I am so angry!... PUSH them back to their country!!! I will try to dicuss with these who built the high walls and prevented the immigraters from set the new install the high electric wall so they won't able to climb up and jump over the power electric wall!!! Stupid immigraters!

leonel said...

07:53 PM
on Mar 24, 2011

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Im sad for this kind of notes here, i see only a mormons racist, maybe 99 of your ancerstors was ilegal inmigrants, When the chur was prosecuted Mexico said welcom, and you cannot support some people, you check maybe 95% of these people is a good people, familys, workers, all them pay taxes, the tiding of this peopledont have a value. Remember this PERFECT members of the church, a lot of the citizen of USA in our countrys brake the laws and rules an dont are prosecuted like a dogs and dont kill like a dogs and they are a bad people, one question, the people in the 18's dont think that the Prophet broke the laws, where is your love and your charity, this is the kind of Curch Of Jesus Christ i thik that no, each member before your comentaries, read and get information dont be stupid in special for you jadeav

wmguymon said...

05:53 PM
on Apr 17, 2011

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As our Savior himself knew the laws of man do not always coincide with the laws of the Father. Perhaps the Lord feels that our immigration laws do not coincide with his laws regarding this promised land we live in?
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