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Day 3: Send a Holiday Greeting, For Free!

LDS Living's 12 Days of Christmas

LDS Living staff - December 03, 2010

Welcome to the third day of our 12 days of Christmas. (For all other days, click here.) Today, check out these FREE Christmas cards, e-cards, gift tags, and more! Make sure to read our poll and tell us how you handle the Christmas card tradition.

Here's one less thing you'll have to spend money on this holiday season--your annual, family Christmas card. Try one of these fresh, modern, or vintage Christmas cards for free!


The famous "Elf Yourself": click here.
Funny E-cards featuring you (like Elf Yourself): click here.
Vintage Christmas postcards: click here.
General holiday E-cards: click here.

Printable Christmas Cards and Invitations

Hand-drawn Christmas card: click here.
Modern Christmas invitations: click here.
Modern and festive card set (card, envelope, labels): click here.
A quirky Christmas card set: click here.
General Christmas cards: click here.

Card Display

There’s never enough room for all the holiday cards on your fridge, and arranging them on the mantel is, well, boring. Be a little different this year and show off those beautiful holiday cards in a whole new way! click here.

Christmas Card 101

Here's a humorous article on Christmas card etiquette, the do's and dont's, and everything you could possible know about this dreaded Christmas "chore." click here.

Do you send a Christmas card?

What do you send?

What's the best Christmas card you've ever received? Leave a comment below.

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mufninc said...

03:54 PM
on Dec 06, 2010

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Wow! Thanks for featuring my FREE Christmas Card. I had so much fun designing it!
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