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Becoming like Christ

January 27, 2010
source: Feminist Mormon Housewives

I finally put the last of the Christmas ornaments away (2 weeks earlier than last year). I figure it’s a good time to reflect on the Christmas season. (Hey, if Quimby can blog about Christmas in May, then January’s just as good, right?)

In a lot of ways, this was my “worst” Christmas season ever. My list of “didn’t get dones” is long: didn’t attend the live nativity and Bethlehem town, didn’t drive around to look at Christmas lights, didn’t decorate the mantle with nativities, didn’t read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. And yet, as I look back, this was also the Christmas that I learned the most about Christ.

It started with two coinciding events. First, an idiot doctor advised me to stop taking my thyroid medication for a month. This immediately sent me into a tailspin so that I struggled to even move for the whole month of December. Second, our RS President gave a lesson on this article by Elder Bruce D. Porter in the Ensign. Between her lesson and going home to read the article myself, I understood Christ in a way I never had before.

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